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2023-11-20 17:39:07 15

On November 15, 2023, the 5-day 25th China International Hi-tech Fair with the theme of "Stimulating Innovation Vitality and Improving Development Quality" opened in Shenzhen, and a number of cutting-edge technologies and products appeared in everyone's field of vision.



As a global test instrument manufacturer, Changeself has always been committed to helping customers efficiently develop and deploy next-generation wireless communication products and verification environments, so that users can complete various tests and evaluations such as live network simulation, terminal simulation, and performance verification in advance without leaving home in the laboratory.

At this exhibition, Changeself will launch the WIFI7 test instrument launched in May this year and the WIFI7 test system mass-produced in August this year as "fist products" once again at the CHTF, and become the highlight products of the CHTF.


WiFI7 test instruments and systems have attracted many visitors to stop and experience, the system is the world's first WiFi7 full-scene simulation test system, which covers home, office, park, shopping mall, airport, café and other scene simulation capabilities, can deeply support dynamic, static, multi-dimensional scene simulation, which has undoubtedly become a new trend of high-tech development, insight into the new needs of the market "wind vane", It allows visitors to immerse themselves in the test direction required for WiFI7 in the future.


In addition, Changeself also exhibited the Flexdog Packet Sniffer and Flexsig WIFI/BT Performance Tester for the short-range product line; CWT2000 comprehensive tester for cellular 5G depth testing; The CSG series GNSS satellite simulator of the satellite positioning product line has also been unanimously recognized and praised by professional customers on site.



During the CHTF, the high-end instrument products in the three fields of short-distance, cellular communication, and navigation and positioning exhibited by Changeself were questioned by visitors and became the hottest "check-in point" of the exhibition. A number of experts and customers present expressed their hope for further cooperation. The person in charge of the Changeself exhibition also said that he hoped to provide Changeself with an opportunity to display its product technology and develop the market for domestic and foreign users through the platform of the fair.


Next, Changeself will further consolidate the company's core technology foundation, continue to build an efficient R&D system for technologies, platforms and applications, strengthen the research and development of new technologies, and make due contributions to the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

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