The 2022 China Mobile Global Partner Conference is about to open!

2022-10-25 14:47:24 60

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ten years of peers, ten years of glory, the 10th China Mobile Global Partner Conference will be grandly opened on November 3-5, 2022 at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. As an important source of mobile information modern industry chain and digital intelligent application innovation, this conference has received great attention from the industry, at present, hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, chairmen and CEOs of well-known enterprises at home and abroad have signed up to attend, China Mobile Group executives will gather in Guangzhou to discuss with partners to promote the integration and innovation of energy and information, and jointly write a new chapter of social and economic digital intelligent transformation.

The era of computing power has fully opened     and the meta-universe is presented in a panoramic view

The conference will comprehensively display the latest achievements of computing power networks around "connection + computing power + capability", including computing power base stations, computing power offloading, near-memory computing, computing power routing, computing network operation and maintenance, and the latest progress of China Mobile and its partners in eastern and western computing. In terms of 5G, the latest evolution and applications of 5G, such as 5G millimeter wave, 5G messaging, 5G + factories, and 5G + smart campuses, will be fully presented. With the increasing popularity of the metaverse, this conference will showcase the latest applications of the metaverse business hall, metaverse sports digital intelligence competition, and industrial metaverse application capability platform for the first time. At the same time, a number of "specialized, special and new" enterprises will display the latest independent innovation achievements in chips, database software, etc., driven by China Mobile as the chain leader.

China Mobile will present the "New World of Digital Intelligence" with a unified exhibition area, covering the ten-year thematic exhibition area, science and technology/computing power exhibition area, beautiful smart home exhibition area, intelligent new product exhibition area, cloud × 5G intelligent leading future exhibition area, and pan-terminal omni-channel alliance exhibition area, comprehensively demonstrating China Mobile's latest breakthroughs and major achievements in the past decade under the guidance of the new positioning of "world-class information service technology innovation company".

The summit forum is full of talents      linking up with future technology self-improvement

As the highest specification, largest and widest annual event of China Mobile, China Mobile Global Partner Conference aims to gather global wisdom and gain insight into industry development opportunities. This year's main forum will comprehensively explain China Mobile's latest cooperation plan in the "mobile information modern industry chain", major integration and innovation plans such as computing power network and artificial intelligence, select relevant excellent cooperation achievements, thank excellent partners in the past ten years, and invite a number of heavyweight guests to discuss the way of digital and intelligent integration and innovation with China Mobile.

China Mobile Group and professional companies will organize dozens of high-end summits, thousands of domestic and foreign industry elites, experts and scholars will gather in Guangzhou to discuss and share hot topics such as the Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, 5G private network, self-intelligent network, smart middle office, digital intelligent government and enterprise, computing power network, product integration and innovation, equity investment, etc., and deeply discuss how to build a strong innovation chain and deepen the integration of innovation chain and industrial chain. During the same period, a series of activities such as the China Mobile Independent Development Competition will also be held. The latest technology strategies and industrial achievements will be released one after another during the conference, and the excitement is not to be missed!

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The cloud exhibition is infinitely exciting      and the cloud transaction is non-stop

Based on the cloud platform, this year's conference has newly upgraded its online functions, creating an immersive viewing experience around 5G + ultra-high definition + VR+MR, and creating a cloud exhibition hall + cloud forum + cloud fair digital twin space. The panoramic virtual exhibition hall breaks through the limitations of time and space, presenting the wonderful content and applications of more than 200 exhibitors in 360 degrees, allowing you to feel like you are on site no matter where you are; Real-time interaction, face-to-face with big coffee, allowing you to share innovative wisdom; 5G terminals, 4K TVs, smart homes and other products are fully discounted, so that you can buy non-stop!

ten years together, write a new chapter! From November 3rd to 5th, let's meet in Guangzhou and write a new chapter of digital intelligence together!