Changeself Introduction

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Changeself Technology is headquartered in shenzhen, China, We provide our clients the service of computer software design, rental of computer software, maintenance of computer software, computer programming, computer system analysis, computer system design services etc.

In 2014, it established its first r&d center and production plant in shenzhen.In 2015, it set up a sales team in shenzhen and the United States.Set up a research and development center in guangzhou in 2017;

Changeself positioning: for the communication industry chain, AI industry chain, medical industry chain, automobile industry chain, to provide customers with the need and leading test products and detection products;

Our team

The vast majority of our team members are senior software engineers, protocol experts, senior rf engineers, senior hardware engineers and senior test engineers with rich experience in the field of communication, among which the founder team members have more than 10 years of professional experience.

Changeself is good at product direction (RF test, data test, test software, test system integration), and we have test product development ability in this field.

Typical customers

China Telecom, China Mobile, China Telecom Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Huawei, Qualcomm, Samsung, UNISOC, Apple, OPPO and other operators and terminal manufacturers provide exclusive testing solutions and products, which are recognized by customers and maintained long-term cooperation.

Changeself corporate culture

●  Change yourself, innovate and be practical!Customer oriented, find opportunities in helping customers!To change the mentality of breakthrough self, leading the change!

●  Be firm and enterprising, take the practical route, and be a testing instrument company with brand influence based on Shenzhen to go global!

● To build a community platform -- to give each employee who works hard a more suitable career planning, to give each employee who has the ability and ideal a greater space for development;Adhere to the route of employee stock ownership, the development of the company and employee development linked.Let the team grow into a self-growth ability, vigorous, ideal, action, tenacity, achievement team;The company's development concept into countless seeds, sowing in the heart of each partner, so that more people with us!

Existing product coverage

Changeself has innovative and industry-leading LTE (FDD/TDD)/eMTC/nb-iot, 5G, GNSS satellite navigation and positioning test products and WIFI product test solutions.These solutions can help customers to efficiently develop and deploy the new generation of wireless communication terminals and the corresponding network verification environment, so that users can complete the network simulation, terminal simulation, performance verification and other tests and evaluations in advance in the laboratory without leaving home.

Product Category List

◆  5G/4G/IOT mobile communication network simulation instrument

◆  5G/4G/IOT mobile communication test system

◆  5G base station performance evaluation system

◆  GNSS satellite navigation test instrument

◆  Beidou Navigation Satellite Signal Simulation and Interference simulation system

◆  GNSS navigation satellite signal recording and return visitor instrument

◆  AGNSS cellular Assisted Satellite navigation Performance Verification system

◆  Independent GNSS satellite navigation performance Verification system

NB/CAT1 Internet of Things terminal DEVELOPMENT and production line testerNB/CAT1物联网终端研发和产线测试仪

◆  WIFI performance test system

◆  Bluetooth communication test system

◆  Long/short space wireless communication channel simulation system

◆  Automobile communication performance test system

◆  Intelligent medical communications and networking test instruments and systems

◆  Platypus Internet of Things user data capture packet and security analysis system