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Software Development Engineer

Post duties:

1. participate in software structure design, responsible for writing related software development documents.

2. responsible for writing the underlying driver software and PC software.

3. responsible for writing system protocol and external interface protocol.

4. take part in the application of the company's software registration right

Requirements for office:

1. Bachelor degree or above in Computer, Electronics, Automation, Communication, Software Engineering or equivalent, with at least 3 years of software development experience.

2. proficient in VS.Net and Java language, with 2 years of experience in Windows/Android development.

3. good programming habits and accurate software functions.

4. the strict implementation of various specifications for software engineering

5. a certain understanding of the hardware circuit

6. understand all kinds of common interface protocols and implement the underlying drivers.

7. good self-learning, communication skills, and challenging spirit.

8. experience in research and development of mobile communication products is preferred

Hardware Engineer (research and development)

Job description:

1, the two development of SDR system.

2, FPGA module design, coding, debugging, unit testing and so on.

3. Responsible for the hardware part of product research and development

Specific salary can be negotiable!

Post requirements:

1, communication, electronics, computer and other related professional; familiar with SCM.

2. It is based on the theoretical basis of digital signal processing, and is familiar with the principle of GSM mobile communication, the principle of signal modulation and demodulation, and the principle of spectrum analysis. Experience in wireless communication physical layer algorithm implementation, digital frequency conversion, software radio related R & D experience is preferred.

3, familiar with USRP, GNU Radio or WARP and other software radio development environment, or skilled use of Python, C++ and other development tools.

4. Be familiar with the use of UHD drivers and USRP2, UN210, UE100, WBX, SBX and other hardware.

5. Quick thinking, cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, active work, with a sense of learning, a good sense of teamwork.

6. wireless router product development experience, living chassis development experience is preferred.