The decade of China Mobile Global Partner event is about to begin

2022-10-19 18:15:32 28

Cohesion, integration, innovation, and common wisdom

The 10-year grand meeting of China Mobile Global Partner Conference is about to open

Ten years of cooperation and ten years of leaps and bounds. Following the successful holding of the 9th Global Partners Conference, China Mobile will hold the 10th China Mobile Global Partners Conference in the Poly World Trade Fair in Guangzhou, China, on November 3-5, 2022, with hundreds of domestic and foreign partners and the theme of "cohesion, integration, innovation, and common wisdom"

As the largest and most influential event of China Mobile every year, the China Mobile Global Partner Conference has been successfully held for nine times since 2013, which has witnessed the development of 4G to 5G, mobile Internet to industrial Internet, large connection to computing network integration, and Internet plus to co creation+; It witnessed China Mobile's transformation from a "mobile communication expert" to a "world-class information service technology innovation company"; It has also witnessed the progress of China's information and communication industry, constantly making breakthroughs, achieving self-reliance in science and technology, and helping to move from a communications power to a network power

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In order to deepen the collaborative innovation of the industrial chain and accelerate the transformation and development of the digital economy, this conference will comprehensively display the digital intelligence innovation achievements of China Mobile and its partners over the past decade, the latest application of 5G+digital intelligence in the way of life, production and governance, China Mobile's new information service system of "connectivity+computing power+capability", and launch the latest cooperation and development plan around "digital intelligence" and "integration innovation", Give play to the mission of "chain length" of China Mobile's modern information industry chain, strengthen the innovation chain, deepen the integration of innovation chain and industry chain, and promote the integration and innovation of energy and information

This conference includes many links such as forum, exhibition, signing, series of special activities, live broadcast marketing, etc. In the forum link, China Mobile will make an important strategic announcement on industrial chain integration and innovation, and at the same time, dozens of special forums will be held around many hot spots such as "5G+digital intelligent terminals" and "5G+digital intelligent ecology"; In terms of exhibition, around the transformation strategy of digital intelligence, China Mobile and many partners will display the latest solutions in many aspects, such as computing power network, smart middle platform, 5G applications, meta universe, etc., combined with China Mobile's powerful 5G existing network and computing power, to create a live immersive experience, bringing a subversive digital intelligence innovation experience to all participants. At the same time, a series of promotional activities will be held, such as the "5G terminal shopping festival", so that individuals and enterprise users can share the latest innovations of digital intelligence at the most favorable price

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In order to allow more audience to participate, this conference will adopt 5G+ultra-high definition+VR+AR and other innovative technologies to build a meta cosmic cloud pavilion in an all-round way, so that panoramic cloud pavilion, immersive cloud forum, trusted cloud trading, and the hottest cloud game can be within your reach, and you can lead the way into the meta cosmic era

On November 3-5, let's meet in Guangzhou to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Conference and create a new chapter of digital intelligence