Beidou began to provide global services

2020-10-06 17:52:08 23

At a press conference held on the afternoon of December 27 at the Information Office of the State Council, Ran Cheng, director of the China Satellite Navigation System Administration Office and spokesman of Beidou Satellite Navigation System, announced that:

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The basic system of Beidou No. 3 has been completed and is now providing global services. This indicates that Beidou system service scope has expanded from regional to global, and Beidou system has officially entered the global era.

According to reports, Beidou system is a global satellite navigation system built independently and operated independently by China and compatible with other satellite navigation systems in the world. It can provide high-precision, reliable positioning, navigation and timing services for all kinds of users in the global scope, all-weather and all-time.

Beidou system has been developed since the 1990s. According to the "three-step" development strategy, Beidou system is active, passive, regional and global. Beidou-1, Beidou-2 and Beidou-3 systems have been built successively, and a path of satellite navigation system with Chinese characteristics has been taken.

Beidou 3 basic system Constellation deployment completed on 19

At 2:7 p.m. Beijing time on November 19, China successfully launched 42 and 43 Beidou navigation satellites using Long March No. 3 B carrier rocket at Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the form of "one arrow and two satellites". The two satellites launched are the 18th and 19th networking satellites of the Beidou-3 system in China.

After more than 3 hours of flight, the satellite has successfully entered the planned orbit, and has evaluated the performance index of the 17 Beidou three navigation satellites launched before, and will provide basic navigation services to all countries and regions along the way. Since then, the deployment of Beidou 3 basic system constellation has been successfully completed.