China Unicom's first batch of 5G experience mobile phones in place

2019-04-18 15:43:04 35

According to China Unicom insiders, the first batch of cooperative 5G mobile phones with 5G friendly experience of China Unicom has been fully in place, and users can also officially contact 5G mobile phones for the first time. The terminal and channel support center of China Unicom in Xidan area of Beijing has been available for experience. China Unicom officially announced six 5G mobile terminals, five 5G industry terminals and four 5G module products at one time. The first batch of 5G Friendly Experience terminals had 12 brands, including 15 5G mobile phones and 5G CPE, including OPPO, vivo, Huawei, millet, ZTE, Nubian and other well-known brands.

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The information provided by China Unicom is different from the temporary packaging when the test terminals are delivered. These terminals are specially designed 5G mobile phone friendly experience versions, so that the public can formally "zero distance contact" with 5G mobile phones. Operator's 5G mobile phone preparation workflow includes testing mobile phone procurement, end network (terminal network) testing, friendly experience of mobile phone procurement and other processes.

Earlier, China Mobile has been busy preparing to announce the purchase of 5G mobile phones, while China Unicom, one of the three major operators, as its competitors, has been the first to announce today. From the public information, China Unicom is the first operator in China to announce the completion of the Friendly Experience Mobile Phone.

Before that, China Mobile and China Telecom also carried out the corresponding 5G equipment testing and 5G network testing. Last week, China Mobile announced that it had successfully made calls through 5G mobile phones on yesterday's Beijing 5G pilot network. It also represents the first 5G telephone connection in Beijing. In addition, Jiangsu Mobile has issued the inquiry announcement for the collection of 5G test mobile phones in 2019, involving Huawei, ZTE, vivo, OPPO and millet. According to the announcement, 183 mobile phones were purchased, with an estimated value of 1.83 million yuan and a budget of 10,000 yuan each. Among them, Huawei Mate 20X (5G mobile phone) needs 123, ZTE AXON10 Pro (5G mobile phone), vivo 5G mobile phone, OPPO 5G mobile phone and millet 5G mobile phone need 15.

At present, China Unicom has deployed and built 5G network in 17 key cities nationwide, and has carried out large-scale network test. As early as February 14 this year, China Unicom's 5G smartphone tester was officially delivered in the first batch. On April 10 this year, China Unicom and OPPO successfully achieved over 1300 Mbps connection speed using the latest flagship mobile phone OPPO Reno 5G under the Shanghai 5G network. It took only 6 seconds to download a 1GB HD movie, reflecting the advantages of 5G "large bandwidth, high speed, low latency".

According to the official photos of China Unicom, millet MIX3 5G version (X50 baseband), ZTE Axon 10 Pro (X50 baseband), Huawei Mate 20X (baseband with Baron 5000), OPPO Reno 5G version (baseband with X50), vivo NEX 5G version (baseband with X50), Nubian Mini 5G (baseband with X50 baseband) and other familiar models have been selected.

China attaches great importance to the strategic position of 5G. The government vigorously promotes the development of 5G technology, standards and industries. Since the establishment of IMT-2020 (5G) in 2013, China's 5G has developed rapidly. The first and second phases of China's 5G technology R&D test have been completed. By September 2018, the third phase of non-independent networking (NSA) test has also been completed, and the process of independent networking (SA) test is more than half.

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Driven by favorable policies, technological progress and market demand, major global economies have accelerated the development of 5G commercial landing. At present, China's 5G industry has formed four major industrial chain links: planning, construction, operation and application, with broad prospects for industrial development. According to iiMedia Research (AI Media Consulting) data, in 2018, the revenue of related enterprises in different links of China's 5G industry chain exceeded 100 million yuan, and the industry is in a rapid development stage. It is estimated that the number of 5G links in China will reach 428 million in 2025, and the direct economic output will reach 3.3 trillion yuan. With the deepening integration of 5G into many technologies, the innovative application of 5G in traditional industries will become an important economic growth point in the future.

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