Our company joins hands with China Mobile Research Institute to launch a WiFi automatic test platform to solve the problem of experience evaluation

2021-07-09 14:56:26 54

Wired broadband has entered the gigabit era. Ensuring and enhancing the Wi-Fi experience has become the key to improving the quality of gigabit home broadband. Recently, China Mobile Research Institute has joined forces with Brite Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Spirent Communication Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a scenario-based CSWiFi600 Wi-Fi automatic test system for home broadband experience enhancement.

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CSWiFi600 WiFi test system is developed based on the concept of "real air interface + real multi-user competition + channel simulation modeling", with air interface multi-user throughput, delay, interference, and 360-degree air interface Coverage performance, long-term stability and other performance automated testing capabilities.

CSWiFi600 WiFi test system includes three core technical features:

First of all, use the air interface competition environment in the real scene to replace the coaxial cable connection, which can verify the Wi-Fi signal coverage at various distances and angles, and evaluate the antenna design and alignment. The noise reduction effect of spatial stream reception is closer to the business experience of the real environment;

Secondly, Wi-Fi multi-terminal high-traffic applications have always been the key and difficult scenarios for existing network equipment. Using multiple real terminals instead of software to simulate users for testing can verify real Wi-Fi -Fi terminal users' signal competition performance and the stability of transmission traffic in multiple angles and different directions;

Finally, the continuous flow interference signal of real terminals is used to interfere with the normal test traffic, which can verify the transmission performance of Wi-Fi multi-terminal users under the same frequency and adjacent frequency interference.

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CSWiFi600 WiFi test system can pass the verification of air interface transmission performance, delay characteristics and anti-interference ability of different scenarios and WiFi4, 5, 6 and other different standards, and reflect true and efficient reflections. The Wi-Fi transmission performance and user experience of the tested terminal under various channel conditions.

Based on the CSWiFi600 WiFi test system, it has completed multiple rounds of testing and verification of Huawei, ZTE, and China Mobile Terminal Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers’ products, with good results. Compared with the traditional test, the test efficiency can be doubled.