Changeself showcased its innovations in wireless at MWC in Barcelona, Spain

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recently, Changeself appeared at the 2024 world conference on mobile communications in Barcelona, Spain, showing advanced test solutions in WIFI/BT/GNSS/5G field to users around the world. As a Chinese local instrument brand, after years of painstaking development,Changeself can not only provide domestic users with leading test products and solutions, but also provide global customers with advanced solutions and services.

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Changeself unveiling 2024-02-26-29 Spain-Barcelona 2024 Mobile World Congress

The conference Changeself showcased products in the following areas:

Short Range Test Products-WIFI7/WIFI6/BT

how to use advanced simulation testing technology to accelerate the development of WIFI/BT, optimize and improve the overall product performance of the industrial chain, truly improve the user experience and realize healthy development. This time, WIFI7 related test instruments, which will be launched in China in August 2023, are also displayed:

  • Wi-Fi 7 Simulation Tester Flexwall

  • Wi-Fi 7 Full Scenario Test System CSWIFI700

  • WIFI air interface and Layer 2-7 network traffic simulation software

  • BT Protocol and Performance Tester

  • NETC Automated Test Software Platform

Among them, the leading Wi-Fi 7 full-scene simulation test system has received more attention

CSWIFI700 WIFI7 comprehensive performance simulation test system is a full-scene WIFI simulation test system with exclusive design patent, which can provide a controllable, repeatable, real and objective Wi-Fi 7 performance test solution, covering the vast majority of possible Wi-Fi application scenarios built in the lab. The system supports complex business scenario simulation based on 8K video initiated by real users, cloud online games, video conferencing, live broadcast services, complex interference, 3D OTA simulation, etc. It is the Wi-Fi 7 product application performance testing solution that is closest to the user's real application scenario in the industry.

The system has exclusive design patents and invention patents, as shown below:

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5G Cellular Test Products-Accelerating 5G Development

how to use leading simulation testing technology to accelerate the development of 5G, how to really improve the user experience of 5G products, how to make products really bring value to users, and the research of the next generation of 6G technology.

Changeself provide full-scene testing and simulation of network-to-end and end-to-end wireless products, and provide an easy-to-edit use case platform and use case library, which can greatly reduce risks, effectively reduce costs and improve user experience for 5G products! Help enterprises continue to break through, to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and users. This show:

  • new CWT-2024 wireless integrated test hardware platform (the platform supports cellular 5G/4G/Redcap/support evolution to 6G,GNSS/A-GNSS simulation test, WIFI/BT test)

  • New UNEP-X Software Platform

  • New low-cost IoT simulation platforms and test hardware such as Redcap;

GNSS Positioning Field Test Products

how to use advanced simulation test solutions to promote the development of GNSS positioning technology, provide more reliable products for aviation/agriculture/ocean/transportation/internet of things and other fields, and provide more convenient and intuitive tests for automobile/wearable products.

  • CSG Emulator

  • CWT Simulation Platform

  • RTK high-precision testing

  • 3D Simulation Modeling Software

In addition, Changeself was invited to participate in the WAA alliance round table with Huawei. The WAA alliance (World Wireless Local Area Network Application Development Alliance World Wireless LAN Application Development Alliance),Changeself founder Mr. Zhang Jinlin, discussed many key issues with the guests during the activity, For example:

  • How to use advanced simulation technology to verify and improve home network products, and improve the user experience of live broadcast/conference/game services;

  • Optimize and reduce equipment power consumption based on advanced simulation testing technology, reduce industry carbon emissions, and create more energy-efficient infrastructure.

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The final conference also touched on in-depth topics such as interference, security, user experience, and user privacy;

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