China Telecom will adapt to the new trend of information technology industry upgrading

2018-09-30 20:00:46 9

Recently, at the "ICT China 2008 High Level Forum" held in conjunction with the 2018 China International Information and Communication Fair, China Telecom Vice General Manager Chen Zhongyue said that the digital economy has broad prospects and China Telecom will follow the new trend of upgrading the information technology industry and further deepen the strategic transformation.

The digital economy represented by artificial intelligence and big data is becoming an important force to promote economic and social progress. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "to develop the digital economy, accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization, rely on information technology innovation drive, constantly promote new industries, new formats and new models, with new momentum to promote new development."

China Telecom has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC, adhered to the people-centered development concept, and actively participated in the construction of digital economy from three directions.

Firstly, China Telecom, as a new force in building a powerful network country, actively provides a solid network support for the development of digital economy, and strives to build a new generation of intelligent network with all things interconnected, human-computer interaction and the integration of heaven and earth. At present, China Telecom has built the world's largest FDD-LTE mobile network, fiber-optic broadband Internet and fixed telephone network. Among them, 4G network covers more than 98% of the population and 95% of the country's land area. Fiber-optic broadband network covers more than 90% of the country's towns and 80% of the country's administrative villages.

Secondly, China Telecom resolutely implements the relevant national decision-making arrangements, focuses on the overall situation of digital economic development, taps internal potential, implements speed-up and fee-reduction, promotes service upgrading, and strives to provide customers with more efficient, convenient and temperate products and services. In the past five years, China Telecom has continued to significantly reduce mobile phone traffic and home broadband fees, completely abolished mobile phone roaming fees, substantially reduced business broadband charges for small and medium-sized enterprises, and further reduced international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming fees.

Thirdly, China Telecom actively applies the new generation of information technology, participates in the construction of digital economy, implements the national "Internet +" action plan, and constructs a new DICT ecosystem from CT technology to IT technology to DT technology. China Telecom plans to take DICT as the breakthrough point to promote the deep integration of informationization and new industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, to promote the deep integration of information technology and real economy, to promote the deep integration of informationization and government management and social services, and to further promote the military-civilian integration of Netcom, focusing on the four integration. Efforts should be made to promote information technology in all fields of the economy and society and speed up the pace of building the digital economy.