CWT2000 Comprehensive Wireless signal tester

  • Model: CWT2000
一Product overview

Realistic simulation of existing mainstream wireless communication signals: SA/NSA/LTE/eMTC/NB-IoT. Customized test environments can be built according to customer needs, such as 5G smart medical terminal evaluation system test environment, vehicle terminal evaluation system, etc...

【Product Description】

CWT2000 is the Comprehensive Wireless signal tester of 5G/LTE(FDD/TDD)/LTE-A/eMTC/NB-IoT/GNSS/WIFI/BLUETOOTH for unlimited number of UEs accessing and end-to-end mobile testing simultaneously in one unit.

Unlimited number of UEs accessing simultaneously makes it possible to test multiple UEs at the same time and can greatly improve the test efficiency.

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It enables real testing of unlimited UEs’ mobility, interoperability, functionality, data performance, IMS, VoLTE, VoNR, RCS and data application performance to uncover issues in lab environment.

An intuitive GUI makes it easy to set up network scenarios for adversarial testing, data application, performance testing, mobility testing, IMS signaling.


VoLTE/VoNR/ RCS testing, functionality testing and real network simulation in lab environment. Real time message logging and decoding minimize the time required for analysis and debugging. It especially focuses on function reliability, service experience, quality experience including VoLTE/VoNR/IMS IoT testing, addressing the interoperability challenges, performance problems, real power consumption simulation and multi-UE end-to-end applications etc.

Intuitive GUI and API have been tailored for application development teams tasked with testing complex network scenarios and are pre-configured with the specifications required for major carriers’ networks. Features of customized any signaling and call processing support to simulate any live network issue in the lab. Call flow activity and Layer1,2,3 messages for all devices are displayed and logged in real time for ease in debugging and historical analysis purposes.

【Applications: Manufacturers and Laboratories】

  Ø 5G/LTE(FDD/TDD)/LTE-A/eMTC/NB-IoT Product Development;                                                      Ø Real network simulation (Virtual Field Test) in lab

  Ø Multi-UE test environment setup in lab;                                                                                                 Ø Design Verification Testing (DVT);

  Ø Device-to-device interoperability for Voice, Video, OTT, and M2M applications;                               Ø VoLTE, VoNR and RCS functional tests;

  Ø Quality Assurance;                                                                                                                                Ø Product Evaluation;

  Ø Carrier Compliance Labs;                                                                                                                     Ø Field and System Performance Analysis;

  Ø Application and functionality testing;                                                                                                     Ø Function Reliability and Regression testing;

  Ø User experience test: latency;


  Ø Pre-launch Evaluation;                                                                                                                          Ø Real network issue simulation in lab;

  Ø Multi-UE IoT testing and performance reliability testing;                                                                       Ø UEs competition test;



  Ø Reduce time to market – run more tests on a single unit automatically;

  Ø Reduce device returns and customer churn through improved device quality – identify system selection and other performance issues under repeatable multi-network conditions;

  Ø Address the entire lifecycle of testing needs with a single solution– R&D, DVT, Benchmarking/Evaluation, Certification, Operator;

  Ø Customize your test schedule to your needs – flexibility ensures that you meet short-term;


  Ø Brings the real world into the lab – realistic messaging, power control and timing creates realistic test scenarios. A real-time state machine behaves a live network and supports standard interfaces between network components, so testing is comprehensive and conclusive. Resolve field issues by simulating and debugging in the lab;

  Ø Streamlined data service rollouts –CWT2000 network emulator links the mobile under test to an Ethernet connection. Testing against data and application servers are as simple as plugging into the port directly, through a LAN, or via the internet;

  Ø Scalability – A single-channel system can evolve into the heart of an automated system or anything in between and just the capabilities you need, when you need them. Upgrade to eMTC, NB-IoT smoothly;

  Ø Easy issue reproduction - test environment with high stability and repeatability;

  Ø Easy issue analysis – CWT2000 provides powerful logging and automatic analyzing;

  Ø Cost down for user experience test – the simulated network can connect to the internet directly which makes the user real behavior simulating easier in the lab;


Unique Ability

  Ø Plug-in structure design;                                                                                  Ø Maximum 6 RFs output channel (100M 2x2) ;

  Ø Multi-cell, multi-eNB, multi-gNB or multi-PLMN simulated simultaneously(limited to bandwidth, scenario of 6 cells is verified) ; 

  Ø Multi-RAT simulated simultaneously (LTE+eMTC, LTE+NR, NSA+SA) ;

  Ø Build-in channel simulator: AWGN, EPA, EVA, ETU and MBSFN 3GPP channels (MIMO operation with the 3GPP correlation matrixes) ; 

  Ø Transparent access to the internet;

  Ø 10G ethernet port (Access speed depends on 4G/5G bandwidth limitation and wired internet bandwidth) ;

  Ø Unlimited number of UEs accessing simultaneously (8 UEs is verified) ;

  Ø End-to-end testing within one instrument;                                                        Ø Configurable SIB or using standard asn file;

  Ø Flexible RF channel configuration;                                                                   Ø MAC scheduler algorithms with round-robin, proportionally fair or maximum throughput;

  Ø Same QoS algorithm with live network;                                                           Ø Configurable logging level for all channels; 

  Ø Realtime message logging and displaying;                                                     Ø Powerful GUI to create test scenario easily;

  Ø Powerful automation tool for testing;                                                               Ø Flexible device control methods: AT, ADB, bat,manual or AT+ADB (command can be edited);

  Ø Wide range of test cases available for technology providers, network operators and device manufacturers; 

  Ø Configurable parameters enable rapid generation of custom test cases;

  Ø API supported for re-development and test script automation;                        Ø Customize call processing and signaling definition;

【CWT2000 Laboratory Networking Mode】



CWT2000Stand-alone construction operator storage test environmentCWT2000 + Internet + shielded cavity,Build a mobile application APP test environmentCWT2000 + Video server + shielding cavity,Build and build 4K/8K and other high-definition video test environments



 CWT2000 + Channel Emulator + Shielded Cavity,Build a dynamic test environmentCWT2000 + Internet + Channel emulator + shielded cavity structure,Build a dynamic drive test environmentCWT2000 + WIFI6test system,Build test environments such as CPE/mobile WIFI hotspots

CWT2000 Customized test environments can be built according to customer needs, such as 5G smart medical terminal evaluation system test environment, vehicle terminal evaluation system, etc.......

Protocol Capability Support

                                          ■ 5G protocol can support(Details omitted)                            ■ 4G protocol capability support(Details omitted)

                                          ■ IMS protocol capability support(Details omitted)                 ■ NB-IoT protocol capability support(Details omitted)

5G Use Case Support

                                          ■ Data performance(Details omitted)                                      ■ CAperformance(Details omitted)

                                          ■ 5G Compatibility/Interoperability(Details omitted)

4G and NB Use Case Support

                                          ■ 4G test case(Details omitted)                                               ■ NB-IoT test case(Details omitted)

CWT2000 Technical indicators(Omit, please consult our company to obtain)