(CWT100) Integrated Wireless Signal Tester

  • Model: CWT100
一Product overview


[Product Overview]

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CWT100 is the first model designed to simulate 5G/LTE (FDD/TDD )/LTE-A/eMTC/NB-IoT for the entire cellular network with an unlimited number of simultaneous UE access and end-to-end mobile testing in one unit.

Unlimited number of UEs can be connected at the same time, and multiple UEs can be tested at the same time, which greatly improves the test efficiency.

It supports mobility, interoperability, functionality, data performance, IMS, VoLTE, VoNR, Real-world testing of RCS and data application performance to uncover issues in a lab environment.

Intuitive GUI for easy setup for adversarial testing, data application, performance testing, mobility testing, IMS signaling , VoLTE/VoNR/RCS testing, functional testing and real network simulation in lab environment. Real-time message logging and decoding minimizes the time required for analysis and debugging. It pays special attention to functional reliability, service experience, quality experience, including VoLTE/VoNR/IMS IoT testing, addressing interoperability challenges, performance issues, real power consumption simulation and multi-UE end-to-end applications, etc.

Intuitive GUI and API are pre-configured and tailored for application development teams tasked with testing complex network scenarios Meets the specifications required by major carrier networks. Customize any signaling and call processing supported functions to simulate any field network issues in the lab.

Real-time display and logging of call flow activity and layer 1, 2, 3 messages for all devices for easy debugging and history analyze.  

[Application: Manufacturers and Labs]

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  Ø 5G/LTE (FDD/TDD)/LTE-A/eMTC/NB-IoT product development;

  Ø Lab real network simulation (virtual field test);

  Ø Multi-UE test environment setup in lab;

  Ø Design Verification Test (DVT);

  Ø Device-to-device interoperability for voice, video, OTT and M2M applications;

  Ø VoLTE, VoNR and RCS functional tests;

  Ø Quality Guaranteed;

  Ø Product Evaluation;

  Ø Carrier Compliance Lab;

  Ø Site and system performance analysis;

  Ø Application and functional testing;

  Ø functional reliability and regression testing;

  Ø UX Test: Delay;


  Ø Pre-launch evaluation;

  Ø Lab real network problem simulation;

  Ø Multi-UE IoT test and performance reliability test;

  Ø UEs competition test;


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  Ø Reduce device returns and churn by improving device quality—identifying system selection and other under repeatable multi-network conditions performance issues;

  Ø Single solution for entire lifecycle testing needs - R&D, DVT, Benchmark/Assessment, Certification, Operator;

  Ø Customize your test plan to your needs - flexibility ensures you meet short-term needs;

  Ø Brings the real world to the lab - real messaging, power control and timing to create real test scenarios. Real-time state machines behave as real-time networks and support standard interfaces between network components, so the tests are comprehensive and conclusive. Solve field problems by simulating and debugging in the lab;

  Ø simplifies data service deployment;

  Ø –CS2000 Network Emulator links the mobile device under test to an Ethernet connection. Testing data and application servers is as easy as plugging into a port directly, over a LAN, or over the Internet;

  Ø Scalability - a single channel system can evolve into the heart of an automated system or anything in between, And provide the functionality you need when you need it. Smooth upgrade to eMTC, NB-IoT;

  Ø Easy to reproduce the problem - test environment with high stability and repeatability;

  Ø Simple problem analysis - CWT100 provides powerful logging and automatic analysis;

  Ø Reduce the cost of user experience testing - the simulated network can be directly connected to the Internet, making the simulation of real user behavior in the laboratory easier easy;


[base features]

  Ø  Simultaneous simulation of multi-cell, multi-base station, multi-gNB or multi-PLMN (limited by bandwidth, verify 6-cell scenario);

  Ø  Simultaneous simulation of multiple RATs (LTE+eMTC, LTE+NR, NSA+SA);

  Ø Built-in channel simulators: AWGN, EPA, EVA, ETU and MBSFN 3GPP channels (MIMO operation with 3GPP correlation matrix);

  Ø Transparent access to the internet;

  Ø 10G Ethernet port (access speed depends on 4G/5G bandwidth limitations and wired internet bandwidth);

  Ø Unlimited simultaneous access of UEs (8 UEs verified);

  Ø End-to-end testing in one instrument;

  Ø Configurable SIB or use standard asn file;

  Ø Flexible RF channel configuration;

  Ø MAC scheduler algorithm with round robin, proportional fairness or maximum throughput;

  Ø The same QoS algorithm as the existing network;

  Ø Configurable logging level for all channels;

  Ø Real-time message recording and display;

  Ø Powerful GUI for easy creation of test scenarios;

  Ø Powerful automated testing tool;

  Ø Flexible device control: AT, ADB, bat;

  Ø manual or AT+ADB (command editable);

  Ø Extensive test cases for technology providers, network operators and equipment manufacturers;

  Ø Configurable parameters support quick generation of custom test cases;

  Ø API to support redevelopment and test script automation;

  Ø custom call handling and signaling definition;

[CWT100  Specifications, IMS Key Features, 5G Key Features, LTE Key Features, NB-LOT Key Features(Omitted, please consult our company to obtain)]

[Automated Test Software Software-MDTP: ]

MDTP is a powerful CSNE100 automated testing software. It calls UNEP's API to control the network, control the UE through AT or ADB commands, and execute test scripts. Then, a detailed test report will be generated. At present, the China Telecom NB-IOT product acceptance test suite is ready. Customers can develop their own custom test cases and grant APIs using UNEP/MDTP. Changeself also supports this.

MDTP screenshot below:


[Work Environment]

Operating status:

temperature: 0ºC ~40 ºC

humidity: 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

Storage state:

temperature: 0ºC ~60 ºC

humidity: 5% ~ 90%(non-condensed)

noise level:

below 40dB(in normal office environment)


100- 240V AC / 50-60Hz




< 10kg