(CWT1000) Integrated Wireless Signal Tester

  • Model: CWT1000
一Product overview

5G/LTE(FDD/TDD)/LTE-A/eMTC/NB-IoT/GNSS/RaP/WIFI/Bluetooth integrated wireless signal tester

[Product Overview]

  CWT1000 can simulate 5G/LTE (FDD/ TDD)/LTE-A/eMTC/NB-IoT/GNSS/RAP/WIFI/Bluetooth network signal meter!

 From 5G/4G network simulation test to GNSS satellite signal simulation And WIFI signals can be realized on one instrument, which can test multiple terminals at the same time, carry out end-to-end mobility simulation test at the same time, and support flexible MIMO combination test. When used as a comprehensive network emulator, a single meter allows simultaneous testing of multiple terminals, and can perform end-to-end simulation testing. Multi-terminal access makes it possible to test multiple mobile terminals in parallel, helping users improve test efficiency.

CWT1000 can test mobility, interoperability, functionality, IMS/VoLTE, RCS, and data performance of multiple UEs in parallel, helping users discover things that cannot be found in traditional lab environments problem.

The simple and friendly interface of CWT1000 is more convenient to help users establish various scenarios, complete consistency, data performance, mobility, VoLTE/IMS/RCS and functional tests; A simulation scene that is closer to the real is built in the laboratory. The real-time air interface message log and decoding mechanism greatly shortens the time for users to locate problems.

CWT1000 pays special attention to reliability, service experience, quality experience, including VoLTE/IMS IoT testing, addressing interoperability challenges, performance issues, real-world power consumption simulation and multi-UE end-to-end end applications, etc.

CWT1000's intuitive GUI and API are tailored for application development teams, providing testing of complex network scenarios and pre-configured with network configuration and testing required for major carrier networks Canonical script. Various signaling and call processing functions can be customized to support labs to simulate various real-time network problems. Call flow activity and L1,2,3 messages for all devices will be displayed and logged in real time for easy debugging and historical analysis.

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[Application: Device Manufacturers and Labs]


  Ø Product Development Design;

  Ø Lab Simulation Reality Network (Virtual Drive Test);

  Ø The lab builds a multi-UE access test environment;

  Ø Design Verification Test (DVT);

  Ø Apply end-to-end interoperability tests for voice, video, OTT, M2M (IoT devices);

  Ø VoLTE, VoNR and RCS functional tests;

  Ø Quality Assurance;

  Ø Product Evaluation Test;

  Ø Carrier Admission Test;

  Ø Existing network problems and system performance analysis;

  Ø Application and functional testing;

  Ø Verification and stress test of functional implementation scheme;

  Ø Mobile WIFI Hotspot Capability Test;

  Ø Multi-operator network emulation test;

  Ø International Roaming Ability Test;

  Ø Terminal dual card performance simulation test;

  Ø 4G and 5G interoperability testing;

[Application: Operator]

  Ø  Dynamic scene, battery life performance evaluation;

  Ø  Evaluation and verification before terminal or service deployment;

  Ø  5G,LTE,LTE-A,LTE-M,NB-IOT admission test;MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

  Ø  Stress testing of software and applications;

  Ø  End user and network KPI analysis;

  Ø  New technology evaluation and research;

  Ø  Multi-carrier LTE(FDD/TDD), LTE-A network concurrent simulation environment construction;

  Ø  VoLTE mobility and roaming scenarios, etc.;

  Ø  Reproduce the laboratory simulation of the current network problem;

  Ø  Multi-UE IOT testing and performance reliability testing;

  Ø  Reproduce the laboratory simulation of the current network problem;

  Ø  Multi-UE IOT testing and performance reliability testing;

  Ø  4G and 5G interoperability testing;

  Ø  Dual card terminal performance test;

[Advantages] ]

  Ø Fast customer response and customization

  Ø  Reduce time-to-market – automate multiple tests on one device or test multiple terminals in parallel;

  Ø  Plugable module design improves product quality, reduces product repair time, and increases user satisfaction and loyalty;

  Ø  Locating system network selection and other network performance problems in a reproducible live network simulation environment;

  Ø  One solution covering the entire testing cycle – R&D, DVT, detection/assessment, certification and enforcement;

  Ø  Customized test schedule as needed - flexibility ensures short-term;

  Ø  Reduced Data Services – The CWT 1000 Network Emulator connects the mobile device under test to Ethernet. Testing for data and application servers is equivalent to direct network cable connection, the same as via LAN or the Internet;

[Basic Features]

  Ø  Extreme customer response and customized service

  Ø  Plugable module design

  Ø  Max 6 channels 50M 2x2MIMO output

  Ø  simultaneous simulation of multiple cells, multiple eNBs, multiple gNBs or multiple


  Ø  Multiple radio access technology concurrent simulation (LTE+eMTC,


  Ø  Embedded channel simulator (supports 3GPP standard definition

  Ø  AGWN, EPA, EVA, ETU and MBSFN channels)

  Ø  1G network interface, can connect to the Internet through transparent transmission

  Ø  Unlimited concurrent access of terminals (8 terminals verified)

  Ø  End-to-End Interoperability Test

  Ø  MAC adaptive scheduling algorithm for round-robin, maximum fairness and maximum rate

  Ø  Flexible to configure system messages or reference standard .asn files

  Ø  Flexible configuration of RF output channels

  Ø  Flexible automation control (AT, ADB, bat, manual or hybrid)

  Ø  Integrate network configuration of mainstream operators

  Ø  Without scripting or software programming, it is easy to rely on a powerful GUI to build test scenarios

  Ø  Configurable parameters to quickly generate custom test cases

  Ø  Support API for secondary development and script automation

  Ø  Customizable test flow and message definition

[CWT1000 Specifications, IMS key features, 5G key features, LTE key features, NB-LOT key features(Omitted, please consult our company for request)]

[Work Environment]

Operating status: 

temperature: 0ºC ~40 ºC

humidity: 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

Storage state:

temperature: 0ºC ~60 ºC

humidity: 5% ~ 90%(non-condensed)

noise level: 

below40dBa(in normal office environment) 


100- 240V AC / 50-60Hz




< 23kg